GL Infrastructure Consulting Firm

12345 North AnyStreet

Columbia, MO 65211

Attention: Project Director

Subject: Congratulations

Dear GL Infrastructure Consulting Firm,

Congratulations on your winning bid. We are looking forward to your suggested highway solution, based on your past performance.

The intersection of I-70 and Highway 63, in Columbia, MO is increasingly busy, and dangerous. During peak traffic times there are traffic jams which cause extended commuting times, and high frustration levels. Additional traffic problems include numerous accidents, which have been responsible for the loss of life.

As you know it is your job to determine where the state should build an alternate route to help alleviate traffic problems and accidents caused by this intersection.

During your decision-making process, we expect you to take into account not only geographical concerns but also the social, economical and environmental impacts a new highway may create.

Please be prepared to present you findings to the planning board during their next scheduled meeting.

Best regards,

Mr. Hig H. Way

Missouri Department of New Road Construction