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Engineering Problem Inventory

Search the Problem Inventory for similar problems, problem categorizations, and contexts in over 150 interviews with engineers


Each search engine utilizes Case-based Reasoning (CBR) that allows for more flexibility in selecting cases. While there may not be an exact match to your search (i.e. civil engineering, decision problem), there are always cases with some similarities which can help you consider various options that would not otherwise be considered (i.e. mechanical engineering and decision problem).

The mechanism behind the scence is based on a case-based-reasoning engine (CBR) utilizing a near-neighbor algorithm. The functionalities of a CBR engine are different from these of search engines like google. The relationship between all index values within an index is captured in a so called distance matrix (f.e. values "design problem", "decision problem" within index "problem type). This matrix represents the conceptual neighborhood of one value to another. Based on your search values the system gives you all results.